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  • Jacky’s Guesthouse水云间 温渝滔(Wen Yutao)

    The Power Of Connection - Jacky’s Story

    Jacky Wen had a humble beginning as a local Hani villager. He transformed his life by making a human connection that provided for an opportunity of a lifetime. The experience inspired him to eventually open his own guest house deep in the mountains of Southern Yunnan, China. But it wasn’t just about that chance encounter. He had put in the hard work required to prepare for that destined moment. Watch the full 12 - minute video here on our YouTube channel.

  • Splay Display

    Splay: The 2 in 1 Large and Portable Display + Projector

    In collaboration with a leading American nano-materials Science & Research Center and a leading projection engine company, Splay developed (and patented) the first projection screen material staying wrinkle-free no matter how many times it's folded and unfolded.

    Weighing in at only 2.5 pounds, Splay is the largest portable display on the market at 24.5" with up to 4 hours of battery life and ultra-bright 800 nits, FHD, 1920x1080, not only acts as a portable projector but doubles up as a fully portable screen compatible with smartphones, laptops, and gaming devices. In addition, Splay's patented retractable arms are incredibly durable, quick, and easy to use!

    Meet The Founder, Alex

    I met with Alex, Co-Founder / CEO, in late 2021, in Nantou Village, Shenzhen, and George, Co-Founder / CTO, to discuss their progress. Starting R&D in December 2019, they launched Kickstarter in October 2021, raising a total of USD $335,000. The company is expecting to begin delivering mid-next year.

  • Aptera Motors

    Aptera Motors, one of the most highly efficient road vehicles in the world.

    Inspired by fighter jets and race cars, Aperta is driven by solar power and capable of traveling 1,000 miles on a single charge, and 40 miles of solar power driving per day!

    Their manufacturing process has taken a leap forward in technology with development using 3D printing, AI and a composite body for rapid high volume vehicle production. The company is expected to start delivering this year and instead of rolling down an assembly line, the vehicles will be carried from station to station by autonomous robots.

    Meet The Founders, Steve Fembro & Chris

    I met and interviewed founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony of Aptera at their workspace garage in San Diego, California, in early 2020. They are disrupting electric vehicles to make Aptera the most highly efficient road vehicle in the world. Inspired by fighter jets and race cars, it is driven by solar power and capable of traveling 1,000 miles on a single charge, and 40 miles of solar power driving per day!

    The prototype was revealed in December 2020, and as of January 2022, they have over 18,000 reservation holders, with a valuation of $USD 700,000,000.

  • VR Game by Kim

    Game: Save Alyx VR

    Save Alyx VR is a VR FPS game in the Tower Defense (TD) genre! Players can have a good experience in using different weapons, like a machine gun, bow and arrow and sword. Players need to protect castle gates from being destroyed and protect the princess to safety at the same time. The refreshing and exciting feelings of fast action, combined with complex tactics, makes this an attractive immersive experience. Designed For Meta Quest 2 & Pico

    Meet The Founder, KIM

    Kim is a game developer, he graduated from Tsinghua university with the distinguished master graduate prize. He worked forPBUG Mobile and also designed some indie games. His interests are game development ,VR/AR and AI. He has published two top international academic papers(ACM MM and IEEE TIP) and 5 patents on these fields.
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